BENEFITS OF AN OFFSITE CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITYCorporate team building is as important and interesting. Creating successful corporate team-building activities that actually work is more of an art than a science. Each team is composed of multiple personalities, job functions and interests, and as a manager planning a team building activity, your job is to drive trust and motivation among your team members quickly in order to generate results. In other words, you have to create real synergy in a RUSH.

Planning a corporate retreat means even more time and money spent on a solution that may or may not translate into more team cohesion and productivity. In our opinion, the best solution for corporations today is somewhere between an onsite team building activity and a corporate retreat—the offsite corporate team building event. What do we mean by that?

An offsite team building event is a half or full day event conducted out of the office with the goal of improving trust, motivation and productivity. Common offsite team building events include ropes courses, laser tag and escape games. In this post, we detail some of the benefits of offsite corporate team building events.


Planning an activity away from the office will give you greater opportunity to have more soft-spoken members offer their opinion, place other team members in leadership and observe how the team reacts to new challenges. Ben Dattner writes in Harvard Business Review about the do’s and don’ts of team building, and in his post, he describes the benefit of creating new team dynamics in a new environment. Granted, a new space will not inherently encourage a team to reinvent itself, but an offsite team building event sets the stage for the team leader to establish new norms for the team.


Even if you have your workplace decked out like Google, we still think our place is more fun. Many offsite team building locations like our own are also frequented by family, friends and tourists. In other words, people come to our building in their spare time to have fun. They don’t need to be told to be here. They just come. You will have a much easier time motivating employees to participate in and grow from a team building activity that is both challenging and engaging.


Getting the team out of the office for a team building is productive, but it’s also a break from the typical work day. Given you haven’t booked this event right before a hard deadline, your team should be excited to get spend a day somewhere else. Hubspot has some great ideas for team outings that build strong teams and relieve stress (hint: look at #3).


At the workplace, the focus is on, well, work. Although employees get time to get to know one another at work, socializing is typically kept to a minimum. Moving the team out of the office encourages your team to spend more time with one another. After the event, hold a quick debrief and take the team out for lunch to encourage team members to spend more time getting to know one another.


Ok, maybe it makes sense that an offsite team building location would tell you about the benefits of having an offsite team building. Call us biased, but we think we are the best team building event in Norcross, and people would agreeBook a game today! #Aplacetoimagine