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A Race Against The Clock

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“This was my first escape room with my family and we did the Cabin in the Woods Scenario – I thought the clues were very clever and it was fun for us all to work together as a family. Thank goodness for my kids because otherwise I would probably still be locked in the room! We had a great time!”

Kris B.

“Had alot of fun with my family”

Laura V.

“Loads of fun. Great room (Asylum). We’ll be back.”

Bill D.

“Loved the vibe of the axe-throwing room and had a blast with our group on the night we went. The staff are very warm and friendly and they make it a very enjoyable experience. We will definitely come again when we’re in the area!!”

Felicia F.

“We had a wonderful time as a family for Father’s Day.”

Lana M.

“My son and his friends enjoyed the Cabin in the Woods Escape Room this past weekend to celebrate his birthday. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The boys had a blast trying to figure their way out of the room. They can’t wait to try another escape!”

Cindy P.